Live at the CBSO Centre – Friday 9th December

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A small taste of what is coming this Friday at the CBSO Centre, Birmingham

The big band complete with string section are performing this coming Friday at the CBSO Centre, Birmingham as the final date of the launch touring for the new album ‘Fragment‘. Released on Stoney Lane Records in November, I am very excited to share this full lineup of the music in what promises to be a very special evening as part of the Jazzlines THSH programming.

Tickets available here!

Big Band at CBSO Centre

Big Band at CBSO Centre in March 2014 – Credit Iza Korsak Photography

The big band has been quietly busy in various settings including a few performances over the following years at places like Manchester Jazz Festival, the fringes of EFG London Jazz Festival and others besides. With the recording of this new material I am very excited to bring the band back to such a grand stage in my home town of Birmingham to showcase this ensemble.


Conductor – Andrew Bain

Saxophones – Mike Fletcher, Chris Maddock, John Fleming, Joe Wright, Rob Cope

Trumpets – Tom Walsh, Reuben Fowler, Mike Adlington, Matt Gough

Trombones – Kieran Mcleod, Richard Foote, Yusuf Narcin

Tuba – Andy Johnson

Guitar – Thomas Seminar Ford

Piano/Keyboards – Andy Bunting, Toby Boalch

Electric/Double Bass – Nick Jurd

Drums/compositions – Jonathan Silk

Violins – Emily Tyrrell, Katrina Davies, Ning Ning Li, Beth Bellis, Sarah Farmer, Christina Bean

Violas – Eileen Smith, Victoria Strudwick

Cellos – Katy Nagle, Lucy French

Double Bass – Ayse Osman


The whole evening will be recorded by Luke Morrish-Thomas of Flood Studio and I look forward to sharing some of it with you in the future. We will also have the talents of David Stanley filming the night so we can share some documented footage of the gig in the future.

In the meantime here is a video from last time we played at the CBSO Centre featuring solos from Kieran Mcleod on the trombone and Colin Mills on the baritone saxophone:

Tickets available here! 

Hope to see you there!