Fragment at the CBSO Centre

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Friday 9th December saw the full debut performance of this newly recorded material. Fragment live with big band and strings combined was a joy to perform and hopefully a unique experience for all who came to listen! There will be various follow up photos / video as and when it gets edited and prepared but for now this photo courtesy of Mary Wakelam-Sloan of Jazzlines sums up the atmosphere in soundcheck at the CBSO Centre very nicely I think!

Fragment Soundcheck at CBSO Centre

Fragment Soundcheck at CBSO Centre

First things first, a long-awaited break is definitely on the cards around the festive period, with a new energy to continue to follow up all the amazing musicianship and hard work of these talented musicians into 2017. This is not the end of Fragment…

The band on 9th December was:

Conductor – Andrew Bain

Trumpets – Tom Syson, Reuben Fowler, Mike Adlington, Matt Gough

Trombones – Kieran Mcleod, Richard Foote, Yusuf Narcin

Tuba – Andy Johnson

Saxophones – Mike Fletcher, Chris Maddock, John Fleming, Joe Wright, Rob Cope

Guitar – Thomas Seminar Ford

Piano/Keyboards – Andy Bunting, Toby Boalch

Electric/Double Bass – Nick Jurd

Drums/compositions – Jonathan Silk

Violins – Emily Tyrrell (leader), Katrina Davies, Ning-Ning Li, Sarah Farmer, Beth Bellis, Christina Bean

Violas – Victoria Strudwick, Eileen Smith

Cellos – Katy Nagle, Lucy French

Sound – Luke Morrish-Thomas

Video – Dave Stanley


Massive thanks to Jazzlines THSH for putting this event on, and to all at the CBSO Centre for having us!

And don’t forget Fragment is available for download and physical purchase direct from Stoney Lane Records or from sites like Amazon … !

And there is a review of the gig from Peter Bacon HERE